Better Things

How to embrace change and build resilience

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Resilience. It's something some of us have in spades. For the rest – can we cultivate resilience by looking to ancient Greek stories?

Episode Notes

There's a reason why Greek tragedy has the reputation that it does. But for all the suffering and loss, there is also hope and persistence.

Classics academic Dr Sonia Pertsinidis explains what we can learn about resilience from ancient Greek mythology and drama. Hear the familiar, and not-so familiar, stories of Herakles, Demeter and Prometheus – and how they triumphed in the face of adversity.

Dr Sonia Pertsinidis is a Lecturer and Convenor of Ancient Greek in the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics. She says: I was born and raised in Canberra and I am an ANU alumna and University Medallist. I was awarded my PhD in Classics at the ANU in 2010. After working as a government lawyer for several years, I joined the ANU as a full-time member of staff in July 2017. I became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2018.

I am passionate about Classics and, in particular, ancient Greek literature. I am interested in what ancient Greek literature reveals about ancient Greek society and culture and how this literature has shaped (and continues to shape) our own society and culture.
I am teaching the following courses in 2019:

• Traditional Grammar (CLAS1001/2011/6001): Semester 1
• Intermediate Ancient Greek I (GREK2121/6121): Semester 1
• Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion in the Ancient and Modern Worlds (CLAS3000/6000): Semester 2
• Continuing Ancient Greek (GREK 1102/2119/6112): Semester 2

I regularly present public lectures, conference papers and seminars in Australia and overseas. I am the nominated staff member of the committee of the Friends of the ANU Classics Museum. I am a member of the School’s Outreach and Engagement Reference Group. I also serve as a Board Member of the Humanities and Creative Arts Board of ANU Press. In December 2018, I attended the prestigious ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship Research Leadership Mentoring Program at Melbourne University. Alongside Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Minchin, I am co-organising the Homer Seminar X (to be held at the ANU in December 2019). I regularly engage in outreach activities and publish a regular Classics blog, Aesop’s Fox.

Follow Sonia on Twitter @aesopsfox1

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